How To Get Help

Updated on February 28, 2024

You can get help right from the plugin or by going to our support page.

From the Plugin

1. From your wp-admin area, go to Settings > Content Control

Settings ≫ Content Control Submenu

2. Click Get Support under the Support dropdown menu

From the Content Control admin page, click Support (lifesaver icon). Click Get Support in the dropdown.

Cc V2 Get Support Dropdown 526W

That will take you to the Content Control support page. See below.

From Our Support Page

1. Go to our support page

Go to our support page now or enter the support page URL ( into your browser.

2. Fill in and submit the help request form

Fill in the required fields. You can even drag and drop up to 3 files to help us troubleshoot faster. Click Submit so our team can get back to you pronto.

Contentcontrolplugin Com Support Form 599W

Do you need to give our support team access to your site? Now, you can do that right inside the Content Control plugin. There’s nothing extra to install—it’s hassle-free. Let’s cover granting support access next!

Grant Support Access

1. Click Grant Support Access under the Support dropdown menu

Cc V2 Grant Support Access Menu 1024W

2. Click View role capabilities (optional)

If you want, you can see the role details before you grant access.

Skip this step if you just want to grant access ASAP 😉

Cc V2 Support Access Roles Expanded 1024W

3. Click Grant Content Control Support Access

Cc V2 Grant Support Access 1024W

When you click Grant Content Control Support Access, you’ll get a Site Access Key. Only the Content Control support team can log into your site with the Site Access Key. The access is good for 7 days (unless you revoke access before it expires).

Cc V2 Copy The Access Key To Your Clipboard 1024W

Yep, you read that right! You can share that access key with anyone and post it anywhere. Our support team will be the only ones who can use it.

4. Copy and send us the Site Access Key

Click the copy icon next to your Site Access Key.

Cc V2 Copy The Access Key To Your Clipboard 780W

Paste the key into an email to us or into a reply to your support ticket. Our support team will confirm they’ve got access to your site and help you with your request.

Do you want to revoke or end support access to your site? If support access is still active (within the 7-day limit), go to wp-admin > Settings > Content Control > Support > Grant Support Access and click Revoke Access.

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