How To Protect Content Using a Redirect

Updated on February 28, 2024

What’s in This Guide

This guide covers how to protect your content using a redirect in your Global Restriction.

If you’d rather use a custom message, read our How To Protect Content Using a Custom Message guide.

Setting up how to protect your content is the second of the 3 main steps for creating a Global Restriction.

Content Control Restriction Steps Graphic 2

Protecting content using a redirect applies only to Global Restrictions.
Are you looking to protect a block instead?
If you want to protect a block in the WordPress block editor, head over to our How To Add a Restriction to a Block guide.

Use a Redirect to Protect Your Content

Here’s how you tell Content Control to protect your content with a redirect.

1. Add a new Global Restriction or hover over an existing one and click Edit

Cc V2 Edit Global Restriction 722W

If this is a new restriction, enter a name for it (e.g., “Redirect Protection”).

2. Click Protection, then click Redirect

Cc V2 Protection Redirect Login And Back 1024W

The Where will the user be taken? gives you 3 ways to handle visitors who aren’t allowed to view the content.

  • Login & Back
  • Home Page
  • Custom URL

Login & Back (default)

The Login & Back option redirects unauthorized visitors to the login page. The visitor must log in with a role that matches your restriction. If the logged-in role matches, Content Control automatically sends them back to the original post/page.

Home Page

The Home Page option redirects unauthorized visitors to your site’s homepage. If you use the rules Content Is A Page or Content Is The Home Page, you must add AND Is Not The Home Page (exclude the home page) to avoid the too many redirects error.

Custom URL

This Custom URL option redirects unauthorized visitors to the URL you enter here (see the screen capture below). Make sure your custom URL is valid and working. Be careful to check your content rules. They must not include your custom URL to avoid the too many redirects error.

Cc V2 Protection Redirect Custom Url 1024W

Above: You can enter any valid URL for the Redirect Protection.

3. Click Save Restriction

Cc V2 Edit Global Restriction Protection Redirect Save 1024W
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