A Quick Tour of the Global Restrictions Tab

Updated on February 3, 2024

What’s in This Guide

In this quick tour, we’ll list and briefly describe each action you can do on the Restrictions tab.

Before You Start

If you’re not at the global Restrictions tab yet, log into your WordPress admin Dashboard. Then, head over to Settings > Content Control.

Wp-Admin ≫ Settings ≫ Content Control Submenu

You should now see the Content Control global Restrictions tab.

What You Can Do on the Restrictions Tab

What the Restrictions Tab Looks Like

Cc V2 Global Restrictions List 1024W

The screen capture above shows the following:

  • At the top of the list, the filter options available after you toggle the Filters/Hide Filters button.
  • Four restrictions listed from the highest to lowest priority (ascending).
  • Two enabled restrictions at priority 1 and 2.
  • One disabled restriction at priority 3.
  • One trashed restriction at priority 4 with its available actions (Edit, Untrash, and Delete Permanently).

Next, we’ll cover everything you see one by one.

List of Features on the Restrictions Tab

RestrictionsGoes to the global Restrictions tab (the tab you are on right now).
SettingsGoes to the global Settings tab.
Upgrade to ProGoes to the Settings > Licensing tab. You can start the upgrade process or enter your license key here.
SupportDisplays a submenu to View Documentation, Get Support, and Grant Support Access.
Add RestrictionCreates a new restriction.
Search Restrictions…Does a live search on restriction names. It’s not case-sensitive.

For example, if you type “r” followed by “e” followed by “s”, you’ll first see only restrictions that have an “R” or “r” in the name. Then, you’ll see any restrictions with “re” in the name (in any case). Finally, you’ll see any restrictions with “res” in the name (again, in any case).
FiltersShows and hides filters for the Roles, Restricted to, and Status columns. These filters let you refine or narrow down the list of restrictions you see.
Cc V2 Restrictions Filter Options 1024W

This is awesome if you’ve got a lot of restrictions yet only want to find the ones for logged-in administrators, for example.
Cc V2 Restrictions Kebab Icon 57W
More menu
At the time of writing, the more menu only has an Import option. Click the more menu, then Import to import a restriction.


Cc V2 Global Restrictions Checkbox Col 27W
Bulk Select
A column of checkboxes that lets you select and deselect your restrictions for bulk actions.

Check the column heading checkbox to select all restrictions at once. Uncheck it to deselect all restrictions at once.
Content Control V2 Admin Restrictions I Icon
i Icon
A column of toggle buttons that let you enable (turn on) and disable (turn off) your restrictions.
NameThe Name column. Every restriction needs a name (required field). You can sort restrictions by their name in ascending (default) and descending order.

Click on a restriction name to edit the restriction.

If you hover over a restriction row, you’ll see the restriction ID, an Edit link, and a Trash link appear under the restriction name.
DescriptionThe Description column. Restrictions can have a description. This column can have blank entries since descriptions are optional.
Restricted toThe Restricted to column tells you if your restriction allows Logged in users or Logged out users.
StatusThe Status column shows you if your restriction is Enabled (on), Disabled (off), or in the Trash
Cc V2 Restrictions Trash Icon 74W
RolesThe Roles column lists the roles the restriction allows (and excludes) to view your content.

For Logged out users restrictions, it’ll be Everyone.

If there are more than 2 roles for a restriction, there will be a (+n) where n is the number of roles in the restriction but not shown in the column (due to space). For example, (+3) means there are three more roles in the restriction plus the 2 already shown in the column (5 total roles).
PrioritySort the list from the highest (1) priority to lowest and lowest to highest (1). The higher the priority number is, the lower it is in priority (e.g., 5 has a higher priority than 10).

Click the up and down priority arrows for a restriction to move it up or down in priority.

The priority tells Content Control to apply the highest priority restriction if more than 1 restriction matches a content rule.

Bulk Actions

Cc V2 Global Restrictions Bulk Actions Closeup 810W
Export SelectedExport the selected global restrictions into a JSON file.
EnableTurn on or activate the selected restrictions.
DisableTurn off or deactivate the selected restrictions.
TrashMark the selected restriction as trashed. You can individually untrash restrictions later or permanently delete them later (bulk or individually).
Delete PermanentlyDelete the selected restriction permanently. You cannot undo this action. You can always export restrictions as a quick backup before permanently deleting them.

Are you ready to create your first Global Restriction? Then, head over to our quick start guide!

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