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Updated on March 20, 2024

Welcome to the Content Control version 2 list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Are we missing a FAQ? Let us know 😉


I’ve installed and activated Content Control. Where do I find it?

For the Content Control global restrictions and plugin settings, go to your WordPress admin (/wp-admin/) area. Hover over Settings in the side menu. Click Content Control.

For Block Controls, click on any block in the WordPress editor. You’ll see the Content Controls block settings on the sidebar.

If you’re new to Content Control, visit our Getting Started docs to learn how to create your first content restrictions.

What is a Global Restriction?

Global restrictions protect content at the post and page level. Use global restrictions for things like allowing only logged-in subscribers to view blog posts. So, in that example, the Global Restriction protects all blog posts by redirecting logged-out visitors to either a login page or a page of your choice (you can even set up a “denial” message).

You can also choose how restricted posts appear on archive pages and places outside of the main content area (e.g., on widgets, headers, footers, and sidebars).

Head over to A Quick Start to Your First Global Restriction to learn more.

What is a Block Restriction?

Block restrictions protect the content inside a WordPress editor block. Block restrictions are perfect if you must restrict specific blocks based on your visitor’s user role.

For example, you can set up Block Controls on an image block so only logged-in subscribers can view it.

For step-by-step instructions, read A Quick Start to Your First Block Restriction.

Can I restrict headers, footers, and sidebars?

Yes. With Gutenberg (the WordPress editor), headers, footers, and sidebars are all blocks. Starting with Content Control version 2, you can turn on Block Controls to restrict access to WordPress editor blocks.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for restricting footers and sidebars. Headers follow similar instructions. Read How To Restrict Your Site’s Header Content to learn more.

Can I restrict specific media files?

No. This is a tricky problem at the file server level. We are still looking at ways to solve it without potentially overloading and crashing web servers. Content Control protects WordPress site content. Right now, blocking access to files on the server is out of scope.

Instead of restricting media files, use Content Control to restrict image blocks and media attachment pages.

Can I allow only specific user IDs to view content?

No. Right now, you can restrict content based on the WordPress user roles you have set up.

Support for specific user IDs is on our wish list.

Can I suggest a new feature or upvote an existing feature request?

Yes. You sure can. Visit our Feature Requests page to vote on your favorite feature requests. Create a new feature request if yours isn’t on the list yet.

Is there a Content Control shortcode?

Yes, there is.

The version 1 shortcode still works, but we made some improvements in version 2! Learn how to use the shortcode and check what we’ve changed in How To Use the Content Control Shortcode.

Did we miss anything?

Reach out to our support team if there’s an FAQ we missed or if you need any help with Content Control.

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